Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

By | April 24, 0215

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Review

It certainly looks smart, but does it have the functionality to match?

In terms of looks nice mix of comfortable rubber and chrome, but it is quite square so if you’ve got large wrists it might dig in a little bit.Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch-picture

The motion controls work really well and the clock can be viewed by raising the wrist and this can be customized as well. It works best though as a handset extension and is currently compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Users can check their notifications and receive text messages as well. You can’t reply directly though and if you want to type a message back your going to have to get your handset out, which can be a bit frustrating.

You can get help from S Voice though and this comes in particularly handy when your busy. You can dictate messages as well as place and receive calls and hold full conversations using the watch. Still, you do look a bit silly though as you’ve got to hold the microphone up to your ear.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch imageThere’s also the added bonus of a built-in Camera at 1.9MP it’s not exactly a world beater, but it does feels well put together and image capture is fun and easy. Picture can be viewed on watch and sent back to handset and there’s also ten seconds of video capture available as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is an attractive and intuitive piece of kit, even if it’s not quite as intelligent as some may have hope for. If you’re into your gadgets though it will provide a great companion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and we are looking forward to more features arriving soon.


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