Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Full Review

By | October 5, 2014

Kaspersky Web Safety 2015 is an all in one security package with safety for on-line action, and enhanced layout, faster scan times.

Whats Improved

Excellent redesign: The new-look and sense of  Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 are beautiful. The four tools that are main (Scan, Controls, andKaspersky Internet Security 2015 Upgrade, Safe Cash) are in a cleaner, more palatable two-by-two grid. When you mouseover a module, it appears and lights up having a subtle colour as you hover. The adjustments are not only skin deep; the whole flow has been shone by Kaspersky down to the choices that are granular. This tasteful encounter that is new builds on the previously leading background for safety layout of Kaspersky.

Fast scans: Kaspersky Web Protection finished the full scan at about 2 seconds, which places it on the quicker end of the spectrum and 6 minutes.

Top-grade protection: In a might 2014 Avcomparatives Actual Planet Safety evaluation, Kaspersky Internet Protection scored a 99.9 % block speed, and the 0.1 % wasn’t regarded an undermined instance. The only anti-virus product was Bitdefender. AVTest gave perfect marks to Kaspersky Web Protection across-the-board, scoring a 6.0/6.0 in Safety, Operation, and Usability. The most recent version sends notifications when you try to attach to unsecured Wifi networks and provides added safety against Web-Cam hi-jacking.


Surprise browser addon: Users may be somewhat thrown off by a browser plugin being attached by Kaspersky. But the device also offers realtime alarms for URLs, and toggles the digital keyboard to discourage key loggers.
Bottom Line

Kaspersky WebKaspersky Internet Security 2015 image Protection 2015 could be the best variant thus significantly and, unexpectedly, among the greatest-designed antivirus programs for Windows. While last-year’s layout and operation were better than-average, the launch of this year makes us little more to request for. Excellent functionality, pace, and an encounter suitable for touch screen and mouse make Kaspersky Internet Protection a top selection.

Kaspersky Internet Safety provides superior PC protection from all Internet threats, including the most complex of them, ensuring you are always secure as you use the internet to surf, banking, store, or social-network. Exceptional technologies, including Protected Computer Keyboard and Safe Cash, protect payment methods like PayPal, your monetary trades via online banks, and estores. Plus, Kaspersky Internet Protection is optimized for optimum functionality, therefore you will never be slowed-down as you use the Web to its complete potential.

What is new in this edition:

Better Safety:

Enhanced: Cash progress that are safe 
New: Web Cam Protection
Enhanced: Sure Programs Style
New: Wi-Fi Protection Scanner

Better Functionality:

Enhanced: Windows 8.1 performance optimization
Enhanced: GUI speed
Enhanced: Low source consumption


New: Refreshed user interface
Enhanced: More easy installation and activation

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Test and Review

Beta Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUN6hWCUdms.

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