iPhone 7 Release Date Rumors

By | January 8, 2015

iPhone 7 release date rumor roundup

One or more new phones? The iPhone 7 or 6S, call it what you may,is definitely happening this year and rumors about the iPhone 7 release date and specs are already flying about everywhere.

Even though Apple and Tim Cook haven’t confirmed anything about the iPhone 7, rumors and speculations are already smoldering hot and talking about a September or October 2015 iPhone 7 release date.iPhone 7 Release Date Rumors photo

The iPhone 7 or 6S, we don’t know what it will be called once it is released, will probably become one of the most anticipated smartphones of this year, much like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were last year.

Even though the iPhone 6 Plus release was a surprise, not many people anticipating a phablet from Apple, the handset has outsold most any other recent smartphone, with 10 million units being sold in the first few days after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch.

The iPhone 7 release date, although slated for September 2015, might vary depending on what Apple is planning to do with the great response they received from users regarding the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Consequently, rumors say that Apple might decide to go Samsung and Sony with their smartphones and release two new smartphones each year.

We have diPhone 7 Release Date Rumors pictureecided to create a iPhone 7 rumor roundup of the most exciting new features.

Some of them were expected on the iPhone 6,and others have been floating around for years. Who knows, maybe Apple will be unveiling them with the next iPhone 7.

Before we begin, we would ask you to take this rumors with a grain of salt, because some concepts might be a little too futuristic to be feasible.

All in all, predictions are exciting, and the fact that customers are already interested in the features of the next iPhone demonstrates their interest in these devices.

1. The Next Gen iPhone Could Enjoy the Biggest Camera Jump in History 10+ MP camera & Swappable Lenses for the iPhone7

2. The iPhone 7 May Feature Sidewall Display

3. There is Talk About a Reversible USB Charger

4. New Unlocking Feature: Facial RecognitioniPhone 7 Release Date Rumors image

5. Glasses-Free 3D Display

6. Holographic Projections for the Screen

7. Solar Cells for the iPhone 7

8. The Next iPhone Might be Waterproof

9. An Intentionally Bendable iPhone?

iPhone 7 Rumored Release Date This concludes our rumor round-up for iPhone7 smart-phones.

If we find out more we will make sure to notify you.
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