Four Things Apple Should Do to Improve The iPhone 6S

By | January 5, 2015

How to Improve the iPhone 6S

Rumors are circulating that we could get a brand new iPhone model in spring next year. In general, there are things Apple could use to make the iPhone 6S more interesting to users.

1. Larger battery capacity: Apple should stop making the next iPhone slimmer, because there’s almost no extra iphone 6S imagefunctionality people would get from slimmer design. It would be great if the iPhone 6S is just as slim as the original iPhone 6, but with larger battery capacity.

Theoretically, such a phone would last more than a couple of days with moderate usage and this will add more value for the new phone. This should be a major improvement that any consumer would appreciate more, than offering a new model that’s just 0.1mm thinner.

2. Wireless charging: Lightning charger is a good implementation, but it isn’t as useful as the standard wireless charging functionality. It would be very convenient to drop our iPhone onto the charging pad, because we no longer need to fumble around with plugs and cables.

It is reported that wireless charging functionality will be available for the Apple Watch, so the company should be able to implement it for future iPhone or iPad models.

3. Improved camera: The iPhone 6 has an impressive camera and the larger iPhone 6 Plus comes with an even better one. The camera technology is still widely expandable and the iPhone 6S deserves a better camera. Some sources claimed that Apple will implement a 2-lens system to produce images with DSLR quality.

4. Scratch-primprove the iphone 6S photooof casing and improved grip: Aluminum looks lovely and it is lightweight. But it isn’t always the best type of material that we could use to make a smartphone model.

One common problem we encounter is how easy to scratch an aluminum surface. This drawback seems to ruin the whole concept of John Ive’s amazing design.

Consumers would appreciate it if Apple uses more durable materials, so they don’t need to worry if their iPhone will be scratched if they have to throw it into a bag filled with keys and coins in a hurry.

Unfortunately, aluminum can also be somewhat slippery and butter-fingers may have a constant fear that their delicate iPhone will eventually hit the hard pavement.

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