3 Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows To Use Now

By | October 4, 2013

There are many options when it comes to free video editing software for windows. This article will list you some of the best windows video editing software. Take a look

3 Free Video Editing Software For Windows

free video editing software for windows

1. Ezvid

This is one of the best free video editing software for windows. This software is attracting plenty of users these days because of its stunning features. Do you know why?

Well, it is easy to make use of, incorporates drag & drop concept, fast, reliable, user friendly and most importantly, it is trouble free. In fact, it is considered as the world’s best and easiest windows video editing software.

Cost? It is free! What’s more? Well, you no more have the need to buy those codec packs for installing the software. You can directly upload the clips in social or any other thing you wish to.

Download Here

2. VSDC Free Video Editing Tool

Yet good video editing software  for windows is VSDC. If you are a beginner, then it might be little hard for you to learn this software, as it lacks certain useful documentation to help you.

If you still want to use this, you will find some amazing advanced functionalities. Wondering, what they are? You can draw, select, use plethora of colors, lighten the corrections, apply transitions, effects, insert audios, apply filters and lots more

. Once your project completes, you will see multiple options to save the file, optimize into different mobile devices, burn to DVD etc.

Download Here

3. VirtualDub

When it comes to free video editing software for windows then VirtualDub is something that cannot be missed out. On the other side, it is little outdated but not completely.

It completely works well with the AVI files and offers many different file formats too. It is just that when compared to above two, it seems little less on features.

You will see a clear, clean and user-friendly interface that helps in navigating through your multiple clips. What’s more? You can sharpen, resize, sharpen, brighten colors, rotate, contrast tweaks etc.

Download Here

Hope you are now aware of the free video editing software for windows. If you have something to tell, feel free to drop them at the comments section.


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