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Best Laptops Under $500 2015

The Best Laptops Under $500 -2015

Looking for the Best Laptops Under $500 2015 ? Well look no further, check out our reviews of some of the cheap yet high quality, high performance, laptops available this year.


Asus X551CABest Laptops Under $500 2015 image

The Asus X551CA comes with a 15.6 inch screen running on the intel core i3 dual core processor, just about powerful enough for daily computing activities, such as streaming movies, daily office tasks or playing casual games.

With a 500 gigabite storage and 4 gigabites of ram the asus promises a smooth performance on the windows 8 operating system.

This 2015 laptop is great for small gamers And home user as well The Fast 3rd Gen i3 With 4gb Of Ram And 500Gb Drive you could not beat the price

Toshiba satellite C55

The Toshiba satellite C55 may only run on windows 7 home premium, but it was rated 4 out of 5 stars by most users.

Best Laptops Under $500 2015 photoThe 2.3 gigahertz intel core i3 processor is good enough for everyday activities however the speeds are slightly slower when handling heavier applications. It does have a short battery life so make sure to keep it plugged in.

500 gigabites of storage, 4 gigabite of ram and a colourful eye catching chassis are just a few of the features that make the ASUS K200MAa must have low budget laptop. The windows 8.1 operating system and intel celeron processor offer a fairly good performance for everyday tasks.

Toshiba is a company that always delivers when it comes to great laptops and they didn’t disappoint here.

Lenovo IdeaPad G505sBest Laptops Under $500 2015 picture

The Lenovo IdeaPad G505s is a laptop that has all the essentials, whether you’re completing schoolwork, managing your budget or just having fun online.

Its 2.1 gigahertz AMD A-series processor has a smooth performance even on high javascript apps. The 15.6 HD LED display shows off vibrant colours and with a 500 gigabite hard drive.

It’s light and easy to carry, which is great for use on college campuses.  The battery it can last about five hours, which is awesome. Quiet the fans aren’t loud at all. Nice and silent.  HDMI port: a nice addition.

Its hard to ignore this as a great and reliable low budget laptop.

Dell inspiron i3531

The Dell inspiron i3531 is the lowest cost 15.6 inch laptop that offers a strong performance and can cope with photos of Best Laptops Under $500  2015everyday tasks on windows 8.1. It has the intel celeron n2830 processor at 2.16 gigahertz and a 500 gigabite harddrive.

This is a light weight computer that can easily be used by all ages. It runs videos and Skype smoothly, and has great apps to apply. It’s battery lasts well past 6 hours, which is quoted in the description.

It has a nice standard office application selection. The webcam is decent quality, and has a light on it for Skype use. And it is slim and easy to carry.

Not bad for under 500 dollars.

Toshiba CB35 13

The toshiba CB35 13.3 inch chromebook  with an intel celeron 1.4 gigahertz processor that offers up a strong  performance. Toshiba has employed its trademark budget design from its windows 8 machines that is virtually impervious to fingerprints and smudges.

images of Best Laptops Under $500 2015The Toshiba Chromebook 2 offers a fantastic experience that really shows what Chromebooks are capable of. The 1080p display is the clear star here, and it’s worth every extra penny. Being an IPS display, colors are superb and viewing angles are great. You may be surprised at how bright it really is.

The webcam is on par with other Chromebooks, and offers okay quality. However, the dual microphones do give slightly crisper audio. Toshiba teamed up with Skullcandy for some pretty interesting speakers. They’re actually hidden inside the keyboard facing up.

For under 500 dollars this is a pretty great laptop for day to day activities.

Acer Aspire ES1 15 inch notebookpictures of Best Laptops Under $500 2015

The Acer Aspire ES1 15 inch notebook is designed for students or office workers and home based users that are on a tight budget.

The battery life is long (7 hours), and it has some great features, such as Bluetooth and USB 3.0. Also, it looks nice, which I know is important to many people. it comes with Windows 8.1.

This laptop is decently fast. People who use it for web browsing and word processing will be more than pleased with the speed. Gamers who play moderate to mildly heavy (as in, games that don’t take up TOO much memory) games should be satisfied.

Combine the 2.16 gigahertz intel celeron dual core processor with 4 gigabites of ram and you’ve got a low budget, high performance laptop that is perfect for school or office activities.

Asus Transformer Book T100

image of Best Laptops Under $500 2015The glossy Asus Transformer Book T100 is a fairly low cost 10.1 inch hybrid laptop with a detachable keyboard. With a 1.33 gigahertz intel Atom processor and 2 gigabites of ram it offers a decent performance on daily activities.

It comes preinstalled with a full version of Office 2013.  A fast laptop with a full version of Windows 8.1.  The Screen has a good range of brightness, good for brightly lit classroom or watching Netflix before bed.

The keyboard dock doesn’t add much weight, types reasonably well once you get used to it. Its Sound isn’t bad for the speakers being in the back, headphones could definitely your friend though. The touch screen is very responsive, very little delay in commands if any. Wi-Fi works perfectly, able to stream relatively quickly.  USB 3.0 port on the keyboard dock is very useful, as is the MicroSD slot on the tablet itself.

 The gorilla glass covering provides good scratch protection, add to that the long battery life and good stereo speakers and you’ve got a great laptop.

HP chromebook 14

The HP chrome book 14 comes with a nice matte finish design and comfortable keyboard. It has a image of Best Laptops Under $500 2015colourful 14 inch display running on the intel celeron 1.4 gigahertz processor. For those who mainly use their notebook to surf the web, watch videos and send emails the HP chromebook may be all you need.

It has a good size, screen easy to adjust brightness with dedicated up and down keys at the top of the keyboard (just like Apple).  They have a great appearance with a great colour selection. The aluminum cover around the keyboard looks great and reminds me of much more expensive machines.

There are two USB ports on the left and one on the right. There’s also a HDMI output on the left so you can stream video and audio to your TV. With an 11.6 inch screen, the Acer C720 Chromebook is a great cheap laptop that will appeal to students and make a decent alternative to a cheap tablet. It has an 8.5 hour battery life and runs on the 1.4 gigahertz processor.

Many users rate it 4 out of 5 stars stating that its very durable and well built laptop that functions great for everyday tasks.


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